If I died right now I wouldn’t even be sad because I have now heard the most flawless and beautiful sound that has ever been made. 

 I feel stupid because he smashed my expectations; it’s like I knew he’d totally kill it, there was no doubt in my mind that I’d be screaming over him but he was even better than that. Momentarily speechless. I say momentarily because you know what’s coming…


Crystal clear! He’s like wind chimes and bells, that voice is so beautiful and perfect it just cuts through you and makes you shiver as if you just walked through a ghost. The way he’s sat there all alone surrounded by darkness but glowing in white because he always shines because he’s so fucking special like such a precious fucking snowflake he can’t help himself. 

And the worst part (but the very best part as well) is that I still think he hasn’t shown his best. I could almost facepalm because only this guy…only ever Ryeowook could sing something that literally makes me and everyone else stop everything and just stare, and then walk away with a little smile and a glint in his eye as if he’s done with that song now, bring on the next one. And he’ll own that one too. 

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    ^what she said. I can’t. ;____;
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    just going to reblog this and weep because his voice is so fucking beautiful and i was holding back tears the whole song...
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  13. stillanothermile said: I know I’ve spammed you a lot already, but I just had to say this: THANK YOU FOR FINALLY PUTTING INTO WORDS /EXACTLY/ HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS. I envy people who know exactly what words to use while I flail desperately in my emotions.
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