What can I say? I should have something witty and emotional all planned out, right? That would surely suit a Cho Kyu birthday post~

I’ve pondered over what I can say about Kyuhyun for a few days now, though I’ve thought about how I feel about Kyuhyun a whole lot longer. And to be quite honest, I’m still not sure how to interpret the giant mess he’s caused within me xD It’s a mess that I’m extremely thankful for though, that’s for sure. 

Kyuhyun, would it be too cheesy to say you’re an inspiration to me? I think it would be very cheesy but I can’t help that it’s true. You are living proof that everything I dream of becoming is possible. To look at how you started out, so young and quiet, content to take a backseat; it makes the man you are now that more incredible. The intelligent wit you now readily show, the quiet confidence, and the ever awe-inspiring talent- I hope you feel an amazing sense of pride for being able to grow and mature in such a charming way. You give me hope every day that I can do the same, I can gain the confidence I need to be what I want to be, and push myself to do what I dream of doing. Kyuhyun, you make me want to better myself, and I’ll be grateful to you forever. 

Honestly I never thought I’d find myself so attached to someone the way I am to Kyu. But then I look at him, and it’s no great mystery why I’m so fond of him. His personality is, by his own admission, terrific! Kyuhyun has the most sincere modesty, the most sincere gratitude, and it flows out of everything he does. When he waves to each individual fan, when he covers his eyes and takes in all the affection being screamed at him, he just seems to feel it so completely and he gives it straight back in any way he can. Stumbling through airports with a lazy smile on his face, graciously accepting any and all fangifts no matter how awkward the timing, waving to every camera and, of course singing us in to swooning; from the very beginning Kyuhyun has given us his all. 

Cho Kyu you deserve the world and more, and after seeing you grow and mature so well I know your future will be as fantastic as you. Your voice keeps me company when I’m a loner in uni, your humour cheers me up when I’m feeling sad, and you’re achievements give me the kick I need to go out and do well for myself.

You give your all, and you’ll get it back ten-fold, we’ll make sure of that xD After all, we are watching Gui Xian…

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